I wish I could stop beating myself up so much. I am often harsh with myself. Critiquing oneself is necessary to get better at a skill. But judgmental criticism is different. It can be debilitating. Critiquing focuses my internal Q&A on what caused my actions and what other options are available. Why did you do … Continued

The lives of more than 250 teen boys and girls in the suburban Chicagoland are drastically different today. And all it started with … a cheeseburger. Dan Holzer and Fred Macaluso were serving together in their local church’s high school ministry. On one retreat in 2008, the two men were overwhelmed by the emotional brokenness they … Continued

I’ve always been interested in how things work. As a kid, I’d take things apart just to see what was inside. Most of the time, I could get it put back together. Years ago I realized that I didn’t have the necessary infrastructure between my head & my emotions (my heart). I’d spent years being … Continued