I have always been eager to grow. But real change has been elusive. In my marriage and parenting, I saw things in me that I did not like but seemed powerless to change. I was losing hope about making real changes. But in recent years, I have changed — around appreciation. It seems … Continued

I don’t like to be told when I am not doing it right. I don’t like it when someone points out to me what I just did wrong. It punches my buttons when anyone tells me that I am wrong about something. And when I hear it from my wife … Ugh!  “I thought you … Continued

On the west coast of the United States are found the tallest living tree species on earth. Coastal redwoods have been known to grow taller than 300 feet in height, with diameters up to 20 feet. Some are so wide they actually have roads going through them. But what is most amazing about coastal redwoods is how … Continued