Relationships are hard. Marriage is difficult. What I want at the core of my soul is to do life forever with my wife. I want for us to love each other until all of our parts don’t work anymore and until our dentures get in the way of our kisses. I want us to be … Continued

It was only eight days into our marriage, while on a day trip to Knotts Berry Farm, that I discovered my wife and I were incompatible: I love roller coasters, Jan detests them. If she was given the choice between riding Montezooma’s Revenge and having Montezuma’s Revenge, most of our communication would take place through … Continued

Do you mistrust your heart? Do you dislike your heart? If so, then you may be suffering from a common but often undiagnosed disease: Heart-attacking. It is a malady I know well. I’ve even infected others through what I’ve told them about their heart. If the heart is the place of our deepest longings and … Continued

In my life, I spend a lot of time reacting. For example, I might take on too much at work and get stressed out, so I react by going the opposite direction and not talking to anyone for a few days. Or I might start to feel lonely, so I react by calling a bunch … Continued