A man I know recently told me he made his first new friend in 15 years. When I ask people what they think about this, reactions range from “If he has good friends, why does he need more?”  to “So what?” to “Ugh. I haven’t made a new friend in that long.” The man from … Continued

  As I was growing up, my dad and I would do things together as many fathers and sons do. Usually, if we were trying to accomplish something, I would not quite know how to do some aspect of the project. That is when dad would step in and say, “Here…let me help you with … Continued

In my decade of involvement with The Crucible Project, the single most important gain has been my new awareness of what I am feeling in any given moment. As a result, I feel more alive, more connected to my soul, and more connected to God and others. But for me, something was still missing. Awareness … Continued

    Freedom is not free. I am thankful to be a part of a ministry that serves, among other trauma victims, veterans and their families. In our work we hear how the experience of war impacts the daily lives of those who’ve served in freedom’s cause. Many of the families we serve are still … Continued