I have been doing quite a bit of work in my life on handling criticism and/or perceived criticism. My first reaction to both direct and perceived criticism has been defensiveness. Throughout my life, as I received criticism, I felt a personal attack on my character. Drilling down beneath the perceived personal attack, I found that … Continued

   An inspiration: John Casey and his father-in-law: Robert Gene Olson   Although my father-in-law, Robert Gene Olson,  has been gone almost eight years now, I still think about him almost daily. Though he’s gone, his ordinary life is still touching me. Because of him, I realize that my ordinary life has such power, too. Bob … Continued

  100% of children have a father. There is truly no other way for a child to exist. Sperm has to connect with an egg, and sperm only comes from the father.  Some fathers have passed, but they are still the father. Some fathers have left, but they are still the father. Some fathers are … Continued

  Frustrated. Stressed. Tired. Overwhelmed. Unfulfilled. Sadly, these are the words many men—even committed, God-loving Christian men— would use to best describe their lives. But a frenetic, discontented, anxiety-laden lifestyle is polar opposite of God’s desire for us. The prophet Isaiah offers this imagery of what the Christian life is supposed to look like: But those who trust in the … Continued