We see what we focus on. In gymnastics, the body follows the head — a tumbler can’t do a back flip without looking back. On the farm, the tractor plows where the driver is looking. Over the last few years, each week my wife Debbie and I have done a five-part “spiritual check-in” to strengthen … Continued

    In the beginning, everything was perfect. Adam had an open and deeply connected relationship with God. They walked and talked together without anything to hide. And Adam had an open and deeply connected relationship with Eve. They were “naked and unashamed!” God built us with a God-sized hole that only He can fill.  And after … Continued

  Editor’s Note: Today’s post from Dan Kuiper is an excerpt from his book, When Father Is a Bad Word.   Sadly, for many of us life is all about doing. We plot, we plan, we rush from one meeting or activity to the next as we try to cram as many things into each … Continued

Have you ever noticed that God isn’t a fan of straight lines in nature? Most objects in creation are irregular, curved, and winding. From plants to planets, rattlesnakes to rivers, grass to galaxies our world is “imperfect” geometrically speaking. There are patterns, to be sure, but things both alive and inanimate are wavy and often grow in … Continued