I re-watched Fight Club the other day. It’s one of my favorite movies. For me, it never gets old. I also think it paints a beautiful picture of the importance of owning your own shadow. The shadow was a concept popularized by Carl Jung. The basic idea is that as we grow up, we learn … Continued

  I have said many times over the last 15+ years, “I believe God works in themes in my life.”  As I pay attention to life, I just keep experiencing the same types of things for periods of time.  Sometimes it is multiple themes God has placed in front of me, and sometimes it is … Continued

I love cheese enchiladas. I don’t think I’ve ever met a cheese enchilada I didn’t like. I could write a book about the cheese enchilada. I can describe in detail the differences in texture, thickness and architecture of the corn tortillas, the different types of cheeses and mix of cheeses, the impact of the addition … Continued

Leaders are flawed people who can do harm as well as good. We all have examples in our lives — maybe even from our own leadership — of leaders bringing both enormous benefit by what they do, as well as great embarrassment or even damage when they’ve lead poorly. All leaders must have power and trust. If those aren’t present, … Continued