What is the difference between choice and decision? Are they the same thing? In practice, although we often use the words interchangeably, it depends on how you define the words. While mentoring the male teens at New Life Southeast, one of my colleagues explained a transformative concept. He began to explain to the youth the … Continued

    Introduction Greg Huston has a deep passion for helping men be their best. And he’s interested in doing it one life at a time.  His passion flows out of the wounds he experienced as a boy and the healing he’s received as a result of the work he has done in his own … Continued

Yes, I know the title of this blog entry is a play on words. But it actually does fit what I want to write about. When it comes to grace, it seems as if people fall into one of two camps: On one hand we have the grace camp. It is by grace we are … Continued

  It hit me one morning recently … “THAT” is the one thing I would work on this year. THAT is the area of significant growth for me in 2016. (More on THAT in a minute.) I have never been a “New Year’s Resolution” guy. But in recent years I have tended to pick an … Continued