What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a real man? When I was still a boy, I was sometimes told phrases like: Don’t be a wussy! Don’t cry! Never let them smell any fear! Be a man! Pick yourself up by your own bootstraps! Never let them see you … Continued

One of the memorable “behind the scenes” moments on every Crucible Men’s Retreat is the last staff meeting on Sunday afternoon. It’s always bittersweet because we know this wonderful event is drawing to a close and we will never all be together in that configuration again. We are glad for what we did as a … Continued

I grew up in a home compromised by alcohol. Personal security was continually threatened. Our family never knew from one day to the next just what level of risk to expect when Dad came through the door. There were those “high alert” days when Dad stayed too long at Alex’s Tap after work. On those … Continued