I am currently in the middle of moving to a new house. Our previous house was 53 years old and needed some updating. The new house, only a few miles away from the old one, is 18 years old with more space and nicer amenities. Most people would be excited about that; however, my response, … Continued

In my workshops and coaching, people often ask me, “but why am I this way?” “Why am I shy with the people I’m attracted to?” “Why do I have a hard time feeling love and support?” “Why do I have difficulty making decisions?” “Why do I have a hard time setting boundaries with people?” … … Continued

  It is easy to compare ourselves with others, which can make us feel bad. I have done this my whole life. When I played sports, I always compared myself to the guys who were better than me, and I was upset that I wasn’t as good. The same thing happened in school, dating and … Continued

  Recently, I drove and staffed our youth mission trip at Camp Barnabas in Missouri. This is a camp ministry for children and adults with special needs and some disabilities (many spectrums of Autism and Down’s Syndrome).  This is a wonderful ministry and for the sake of this article, a great place for young leaders … Continued