On a bright, sunny summer’s day, two youth league teams were playing a baseball game. In the top of the sixth inning, one of the visiting coaches noticed something odd. “Hey, wait a minute. The balls you’re pitching to us are all different from the ones used when you are up at bat! What’s going … Continued

It has been two months since I asked the woman I love to marry me.  While ecstatic for this new journey in my life, being engaged has brought a new level of accountability that I did not expect.  I spent the first 30 years of my life thinking about me, myself and I.  This has … Continued

  With about 60 days left before the polls open, you have undoubtedly heard perspectives — even rash arguments — about whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would make a good President. Like me, you may have even engaged in some of those arguments either in person or through social media.   I’ve heard that … Continued

  For years, I worked in youth ministry. Two things I now hate in life: Pizza. And youth. Just kidding (about the pizza).   Actually, one of the great joys of working in youth ministry was that I took kids on lots of trips. Camping, retreats, festivals – I enjoyed the travel and watching teens experience new … Continued