Last month I attended the Liturgists gathering in Denver, Colorado. It was hosted by Science Mike and Michael Gungor, and it was a refreshing weekend for me spiritually — a mix of worship, listening, learning, discussion, and connecting with God. One of the most powerful aspects of the weekend for me was the encouragement by Gungor to honor all parts of … Continued

  On a Crucible Project initial weekend, we briefly mention the four parts of a man (King, Lover, Sage, and Warrior). We point out how Jesus was perfect in each of these areas. If one does follow-up work after an initial weekend (groups, staffing, second level weekends, training, 2-year program) that person has an opportunity … Continued

I’m eating lunch at a restaurant with a friend, enjoying the wonderful food and conversation. Out of the corner of my eye, there is something that alerts me. Sometimes it is what they are wearing … or not wearing.  Sometimes it is their gait or pace in their high-heeled shoes.  Sometimes it is something about … Continued

  Every one of us has fears. Some of us are just afraid to admit it. It could be a physical fear, like the fear of heights, snakes, or spiders. It could be a psychological fear, like the fear of failure, rejection, or intimacy. But, if we’re honest, we all encounter things in our lives … Continued