This month marks my eighth year of personal transformation with The Crucible Project community of Christian men.  Change is hard, but I can’t imagine how I could be where I am in my personal development without a community of authentic men around me.   Transformation Process Confusion In my personal journey, results have sometimes seemed … Continued

Brett and I had the same work schedule. That means we also had the same workout schedule. Several times a week we ran into each other at the health club. We did the typical guy-talk thing. You know—news, weather, and sports. Nothing that would require too much vulnerability. We men don’t readily bare our souls … Continued

 Years ago at about the same time, two Christian men told me they were involved in extra-marital affairs. The men did not know each other, but each came to me for counsel. There were similarities in how they were dealing with it, but I especially noted some key differences. First, here’s what they had in common: Both … Continued