Friday, February 8, 2007 is a night I will never forget. I hope my son never forgets it too. Ten years ago my son was 12 years old. A group of dads with 12-year-old sons at my church got together and planned a manhood initiation process and ceremony for our sons. We were inviting our … Continued

  “I’m fine,” I lied, as my friend asked me how I was doing. The truth was that I was struggling and holding back tears. But I didn’t tell my friend that. Instead, I gave a brief run-down about how things were going with my writing, my relationships and my church stuff. We ended the … Continued

During some of my recent coaching sessions, I have both noticed my clients leaning toward wordiness and/or my clients would have to address wordiness in others.  Furthermore, part of our work in The Crucible Project is the encouraging of each man to practice clean talk.  In other words, avoid story and speak to the point. … Continued