Crucible brother Roy Wooten really convicted me last week when he wrote about the shame he used to carry when he pursued self-care. If you haven’t read his post, I recommend it.   I want to build upon what Roy started and invite you to give yourself the gift of a Replenishment Cycle … Continued



I’ve had a problem for several decades around self-care. I have read several Christian and secular books, worked through materials from international coaching experts, and implemented a number of strategies to take care of myself by building Sabbath rest into my schedule. Living in my mission to facilitate change in individuals and relationships brought joy … Continued

  At the end of the day, at the end of your life, will you be satisfied knowing that you completed your mission?  You have one whether you’ve written it down or not.   If you have written one down already, maybe it’s time to refine it.  Businesses have mission statements. Churches, schools, and other organizations … Continued

  “I am a needy man.” I’ve fought against that truth most of my adult life. Little boys (and girls) realize that they are needy. When I was a little boy, the expression of my neediness was raw and unfiltered. Back then, the style of expressing neediness was crying or yelling. Then I learned how … Continued