Clueless and don’t even know it. That is how I describe the condition of my soul 14 years ago. As a pastor, I wanted to be able to help people grow spiritually. However, I wasn’t fully sure what that was supposed to look like; much less how to get there. I grew up in a … Continued

  I’d like to share with you a way of thinking “blocks” and “problems” that has given me great peace, even during difficult times in my life.  I think you’ll benefit from this way of thinking, too.   It all started one day while I was talking to my friend Ellen. I mentioned to her … Continued

Sometimes we tend to experience a period of regression right before a period of big growth. I noticed this in my own life over the past several months. I was getting ready to get married, which was a huge deal for me. But as the wedding date neared, I found myself struggling with issues and … Continued