One of the practices that Devra (my wife of 29 years) and I do almost every day to connect at the heart level is to “check in” with each other. Checking in with each other is a way to talk about all the things that are going on “out there” so that we can create … Continued

  I’ve had some legitimate, real-life enemies in my life lately. I believe they are actively working against my good will. It feels like antagonistic forces that are convicted to work against me. A few of them are even church people.   Counseling experts would call these “micro-aggressions.” They’re the subtle, small, offenses against a … Continued

Conor: Your stories never made sense to me. The Monster: Because humans are complicated beasts. You believe comforting lies, while knowing full well the painful truth that makes those lies necessary. In the end, Conor, it is not important what you think. It is only important what you do. Conor: So what do I do? … Continued

  I have my fair share of problems: Finances are really tight. I just spent a lot of money on a new patio. And now my air conditioner is out. Family life seems scattered more than it does sacred. I don’t get to see my kids as much as I’d like. And when I do, … Continued