The Bible tells us to be generous. And, of course, generosity sounds great in the abstract. However, when the time comes to actually BE generous, it’s easy to find reasons to not give. And that’s the trap of generosity. If you get stuck in trap, it will be hard to be as generous in … Continued

    For a time, I believed it was easier to pretend that I was always happy and excited. After all, it made me more likeable and acceptable to others. If ever I thought anger was not an issue in my life, the exercises from my initial weekend spoke volumes that both anger and sadness … Continued

  In 2003, a friend of mine was in New York when the “great Northeast blackout” hit. More than 50 million people lost power from eight states, including all the way up to Ontario, Canada. My friend and his bride were at the JFK airport when everything fell apart. An announcement came over the airport … Continued