Finding My Father’s Love It was the summer of 1987. My personal life was clicking on all cylinders. Happily married. Two healthy kids with one on the way. A nice house. A successful business. I appeared to have my spiritual life in order. I read my Bible. Prayed. Did morning devotions. Had my family in … Continued

Avarice is commonly used to define greed or selfishness in terms of wealth. However, I want to open a dialogue of some lesser known ways where avarice might present itself. Recently I was caught in between a dream and waking up thinking about the story in Mark 10 where Christ is talking with a man … Continued

A couple weekends ago I went on my own self-led weekend sabbatical.  I wasn’t totally sure of my plan — or even my final goal of my getaway — but come Friday evening I took off.  With my cell phone off and an empty house in Indiana awaiting me, my journey began. My intent for … Continued