When trying to live a good life and have a positive attitude, we often reflect on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. All three are important and have a huge impact on how we engage in our day-to-day life.  Hard to Shift Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors Sometimes our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are hard to shift. … Continued

I both hear from others and notice in myself how that during every weekend staffing an area of darkness bubbles up that we/I were previously unaware.  Our container of authenticity, integrity, and grace shines light in those concealed and hidden places.  The darkness I speak of is not necessarily an “evil presence” or some deep … Continued

“I don’t think it helps to drudge up the past. I try to look forward, not backward.” The woman speaking was pleasant, engaging and a strong Christian. I had asked her about some very traumatic experiences she had had 20 years earlier while she was a young mom married to an abusive husband. She continued. … Continued