I’ve hit some walls.  My body disappoints me.  It hurts in places that never seemed to exist.  Despite occasionally working out, I gain weight, my cholesterol goes up, and my strength lessens.  My health problems get more and more serious as I age. Work doesn’t excite me as much.  And I teach high school students, … Continued



During a meeting I had with a student today, I set out a bowl of stress balls on the table in front of us. The student — we’ll call him Eric — was in trouble for how he behaved during an interaction with a fellow student. Eric called him a name. He grabbed him by … Continued

The other night, I struggled to get to sleep. I was tossing and turning, nervous about an upcoming meeting at work. I knew the meeting was likely to be contentious, and I would have to step into my discomfort and set a boundary if I was going to get what I wanted.  Hence, the struggle … Continued

An often overlooked aspect of leadership are the two ideas of the advancing of leaders and succession.  Good organizations have leader training and succession plans.  In fact, some companies must have a succession plan in place in order to receive certain certifications and or accreditation.  I have noticed among my coaching clients that several have … Continued