“Attitude reflect leadership … Captain.”  That phrase haunts me.  The phrase comes from the movie Remember the Titans.  The movie is based upon a story of a high school football team in the 1960s in a school that is integrating due to desegregation.   The scene is a heated conversation between a senior team … Continued

I have heard for years that managed conflict creates growth.  I have witnessed this as a fact.  I have been in or around many conflicts and in most cases, when the conflict is appropriately handled, all parties involved grow.   In our groups and weekend staff trainings, many times we use the phrase, “Growth Edge.” … Continued

  There are many attributes to personal growth.  Awareness, setting goals, challenges, experiences, etc. are some of the attributes to our personal growth. As we come to the close of another year, consider reflection as another aspect of growth. Reflection is valuable in that we are able to evaluate and measure what we set out … Continued

  I believe it is just human nature to want to fix someone’s problems.  I also believe that we are compelled to “fix” from a noble consideration of helping someone.  However, in our endeavor to help someone, we have lost a key component that is valuable to those we are helping.  The component is an … Continued

How does God see you?  The answers to that question will vary greatly.  Some people will give a Biblical answer based on the Grace we receive.  Some will answer from a place of shame and feel God is always ready to point out flaws.  Some believe that as long as they are living “right” and … Continued

During some of my recent coaching sessions, I have both noticed my clients leaning toward wordiness and/or my clients would have to address wordiness in others.  Furthermore, part of our work in The Crucible Project is the encouraging of each man to practice clean talk.  In other words, avoid story and speak to the point. … Continued

  On a Crucible Project initial weekend, we briefly mention the four parts of a man (King, Lover, Sage, and Warrior). We point out how Jesus was perfect in each of these areas. If one does follow-up work after an initial weekend (groups, staffing, second level weekends, training, 2-year program) that person has an opportunity … Continued

  Recently, I drove and staffed our youth mission trip at Camp Barnabas in Missouri. This is a camp ministry for children and adults with special needs and some disabilities (many spectrums of Autism and Down’s Syndrome).  This is a wonderful ministry and for the sake of this article, a great place for young leaders … Continued

As an educator (coach, teacher, principal) for the past 25 years, I have spent a lot of time giving instruction. For a good portion of that instruction, I have taken an approach that is methodical and western in presentation.  “I teach, you listen…”  It has only been in the last few years that I have … Continued

  I have said many times over the last 15+ years, “I believe God works in themes in my life.”  As I pay attention to life, I just keep experiencing the same types of things for periods of time.  Sometimes it is multiple themes God has placed in front of me, and sometimes it is … Continued