Recently, I drove and staffed our youth mission trip at Camp Barnabas in Missouri. This is a camp ministry for children and adults with special needs and some disabilities (many spectrums of Autism and Down’s Syndrome).  This is a wonderful ministry and for the sake of this article, a great place for young leaders … Continued

As an educator (coach, teacher, principal) for the past 25 years, I have spent a lot of time giving instruction. For a good portion of that instruction, I have taken an approach that is methodical and western in presentation.  “I teach, you listen…”  It has only been in the last few years that I have … Continued

  I have said many times over the last 15+ years, “I believe God works in themes in my life.”  As I pay attention to life, I just keep experiencing the same types of things for periods of time.  Sometimes it is multiple themes God has placed in front of me, and sometimes it is … Continued

  Those who build things learn to live by the phrase, “Measure twice, cut once.” If one mismeasures and the piece is too short, then another piece has to be cut at the cost of time and materials.  If one mismeasures and the piece is too long, then time is wasted making another cut. To … Continued

I have been doing quite a bit of work in my life on handling criticism and/or perceived criticism. My first reaction to both direct and perceived criticism has been defensiveness. Throughout my life, as I received criticism, I felt a personal attack on my character. Drilling down beneath the perceived personal attack, I found that … Continued

  As I was growing up, my dad and I would do things together as many fathers and sons do. Usually, if we were trying to accomplish something, I would not quite know how to do some aspect of the project. That is when dad would step in and say, “Here…let me help you with … Continued

I have been thinking a lot lately about my choices. 25 years in one profession has me wondering, “Did I make the right choice?” To this day, I still claim that I do not know what I want to be when I grow up.  This claim is based out of honest feelings. This uncertainty of … Continued

  “What does it take to be a leader?” “How do I know I am a leader?” “Nobody asks me to be a leader for them.” “Someone told me I’d be a great leader one day, but no one has shown me how.”     Above are some of the statements and questions I have … Continued

About eight years ago, I began a journey to make changes and transform my life. My Christian walk had become dry and lifeless. I began searching and praying for change. I began taking part in life-changing events including my initial weekend with The Crucible Project. My transformation curve seemed to make an upward turn. However, … Continued