Lately, I’m sore. Part of it is a physical sore that I can feel in my body. The other part is more of a spiritual and emotional soreness that I can feel in my soul. All over, I am being stretched or challenged in some way that’s beyond my comfort zone.  And all of … Continued

A man I know recently told me he made his first new friend in 15 years. When I ask people what they think about this, reactions range from “If he has good friends, why does he need more?”  to “So what?” to “Ugh. I haven’t made a new friend in that long.” The man from … Continued

Lately, I have had a growing awareness — sometimes troubling — about how quickly time is passing by and how I feel about that. This summer, I’ll turn 44. My Dad lived just beyond his 45th birthday. As a boy, I remember that vividly. And now, as a man, I am nearly there. The Bible … Continued

I’ve always been interested in how things work. As a kid, I’d take things apart just to see what was inside. Most of the time, I could get it put back together. Years ago I realized that I didn’t have the necessary infrastructure between my head & my emotions (my heart). I’d spent years being … Continued