As we head into Father’s Day weekend, I’d submit that the best gift isn’t what us fathers or father figures receive … a tie, round of golf or BBQ set.  The best gift is what we give our daughters, sons, wives and loved ones. Specifically, a blessing. Here’s the backstory on how I’ve recently come … Continued

    Crucible brother Roy Wooten really convicted me last week when he wrote about the shame he used to carry when he pursued self-care. If you haven’t read his post, I recommend it.   I want to build upon what Roy started and invite you to give yourself the gift of a Replenishment Cycle … Continued

The lives of more than 250 teen boys and girls in the suburban Chicagoland are drastically different today. And all it started with … a cheeseburger. Dan Holzer and Fred Macaluso were serving together in their local church’s high school ministry. On one retreat in 2008, the two men were overwhelmed by the emotional brokenness they … Continued