Coming out of my recent 50th high school reunion, I kept thinking of who I was in those years: Always so carefully dressed with a button-down, collared, dress shirt. Trim slacks. My Bass Weejun loafers. Perfect.   Looking back, I understand now that I was always hiding the younger man who was embarrassed about every … Continued

  Control is a good thing. It keeps my car on the winding mountain roads, not off in the ditch. It helps me to manage my anger instead of let it explode. Early in the creation story, we are called to “exercise dominion,” which means that I am to have a certain amount of control. … Continued

  It hit me one morning recently … “THAT” is the one thing I would work on this year. THAT is the area of significant growth for me in 2016. (More on THAT in a minute.) I have never been a “New Year’s Resolution” guy. But in recent years I have tended to pick an … Continued

  We see what we focus on. In gymnastics, the body follows the head — a tumbler can’t do a back flip without looking back. On the farm, the tractor plows where the driver is looking. Over the last few years, each week my wife Debbie and I have done a five-part “spiritual check-in” to strengthen … Continued

   An inspiration: John Casey and his father-in-law: Robert Gene Olson   Although my father-in-law, Robert Gene Olson,  has been gone almost eight years now, I still think about him almost daily. Though he’s gone, his ordinary life is still touching me. Because of him, I realize that my ordinary life has such power, too. Bob … Continued

In my decade of involvement with The Crucible Project, the single most important gain has been my new awareness of what I am feeling in any given moment. As a result, I feel more alive, more connected to my soul, and more connected to God and others. But for me, something was still missing. Awareness … Continued

A month ago, as my pastor stood to begin his sermon, he explained that he was going to skip over the latter half of Mark 6 because, “It is an unpreachable passage.” I sat up in my chair and thought, “Unpreachable … really?” Immediately, I thought, “No, the story of God’s servant — John the … Continued

    I have always been eager to grow. But real change has been elusive. In my marriage and parenting, I saw things in me that I did not like but seemed powerless to change. I was losing hope about making real changes. But in recent years, I have changed — around appreciation. It seems … Continued

  To live full, rich lives as men, there’s something simple that we all need to do — breathe. Flying home earlier this week from leading a Crucible Project initial weekend in Houston, I pictured two men who were angry with me for an action that I had taken that morning. I closed my eyes, … Continued