Have you ever noticed that God isn’t a fan of straight lines in nature? Most objects in creation are irregular, curved, and winding. From plants to planets, rattlesnakes to rivers, grass to galaxies our world is “imperfect” geometrically speaking. There are patterns, to be sure, but things both alive and inanimate are wavy and often grow in … Continued

  We use a lot of analogies and metaphors in the work we do through The Crucible Project. Men who have attended a Crucible Men’s Weekend confess that at times they’ve been confused by what is going on. Some experiences only make sense in light of later processes, and the weekend is rich in symbolism … Continued

Do you mistrust your heart? Do you dislike your heart? If so, then you may be suffering from a common but often undiagnosed disease: Heart-attacking. It is a malady I know well. I’ve even infected others through what I’ve told them about their heart. If the heart is the place of our deepest longings and … Continued

I wish I could stop beating myself up so much. I am often harsh with myself. Critiquing oneself is necessary to get better at a skill. But judgmental criticism is different. It can be debilitating. Critiquing focuses my internal Q&A on what caused my actions and what other options are available. Why did you do … Continued

  Imagine standing in a circle with a few men you barely know, and you’re given these instructions: “When you know you’re not the leader, sit down.” What would you do? A while back I was with a gathering of men discussing how we could develop more — and better — leaders of small groups. … Continued