In Chicago, Australia and other Crucible communities across the world, we are honoring Chris Cleghorn’s services to this growing tribe of 4,500-plus men … and now women.  On a recent sunny day, Chris, the former Executive Director of The Crucible Project,  and I enjoyed a cool breeze and coffee outside of a Starbucks in the … Continued

  Every day we make hundreds of choices. Some of them (e.g. what to eat for lunch) are relatively mundane. Others (e.g. letting go of destructive patterns of living) are potentially life-changing.   In my graduate school courses, I learned a counseling method designed to help addicts take steps toward recovery. Research shows that Motivational … Continued

When I got “C”s on my report cards, my dad would say, “Did you try your best? Yes? Well then, okay … No problem.” My mom would ground me for a month if I got a B or lower.   As I’ve matured, I’ve come to see how supportive and loving my dad was and … Continued

  Every significant life change that I’ve experienced was born out of tension, pain, and doubt from a dilemma — about marriage, kids, career, my health, the future and even about God.     I don’t know about you, but I don’t like dilemmas. I don’t like paradox. They’re confusing. Unclear. I feel like I’m … Continued

  I’ve had some legitimate, real-life enemies in my life lately. I believe they are actively working against my good will. It feels like antagonistic forces that are convicted to work against me. A few of them are even church people.   Counseling experts would call these “micro-aggressions.” They’re the subtle, small, offenses against a … Continued

  At the end of the day, at the end of your life, will you be satisfied knowing that you completed your mission?  You have one whether you’ve written it down or not.   If you have written one down already, maybe it’s time to refine it.  Businesses have mission statements. Churches, schools, and other organizations … Continued

King David was the “apple of God’s eye,” a “man after God’s own heart.” Yet he selfishly used his power to sleep with Bathsheba and to murder her husband as a cover-up. King David took Bathsheba lustfully, “at a time when kings go out to battle.”  He mistimed his steps, misused his resources, and set … Continued

  More than three weeks have passed since the 2016 elections ended, and Donald Trump became President-Elect of the United States. And it has been a vitriol-fueled ride. Supporters from both sides of the election have experienced hate. Riots, violence, hate speech and protests continue. In January, Trump will inherit a country rumbling with unprecedented … Continued

  After 108 years of dedication, the Chicago Cubs and their fans have earned the title, “World Champions!” From these lovable Cubs, we can learn those classic lessons about never giving up, holding high expectations, ignoring doubters, sticking to the game plan, staying in the zone, and believing all things are possible.   And at … Continued

  With about 60 days left before the polls open, you have undoubtedly heard perspectives — even rash arguments — about whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would make a good President. Like me, you may have even engaged in some of those arguments either in person or through social media.   I’ve heard that … Continued