I’ve picked up a new hobby, recently. Baking bread. It’s creative, relaxing, and brings me joy. Part of the process is casting yeast into the dough. Just a minute amount of yeast kneaded through the dough allows it to rise and multiply. Jesus compared yeast to the Kingdom of God in Matthew 13.  Like yeast, … Continued

Several weeks ago a man complained to me about how negative his group is — men constantly checking in sad, angry and scared, working on places where they are unhappy with their lives. At first, I resisted this man’s viewpoint and found myself saying, “Yeah, but these men are simply being honest.” Men’s honesty is … Continued

Do you want to be easily authentic in your life? I want you to effortlessly be able to be authentic about who you really are and what you want —unambiguously and without apology or difficulty. And that kind of easy authenticity comes automatically when you have a healthy awareness of your own mortality. Put another … Continued

How busy are you right now? Yes … right now. Too busy to read this post? Too busy to write that email? Too busy to address that conflict? Too busy to have the conversation in the hall unless you can be walking while you have it? Too busy to buy that sympathy card? Too busy … Continued

When trying to live a good life and have a positive attitude, we often reflect on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. All three are important and have a huge impact on how we engage in our day-to-day life.  Hard to Shift Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors Sometimes our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are hard to shift. … Continued

I both hear from others and notice in myself how that during every weekend staffing an area of darkness bubbles up that we/I were previously unaware.  Our container of authenticity, integrity, and grace shines light in those concealed and hidden places.  The darkness I speak of is not necessarily an “evil presence” or some deep … Continued

“I don’t think it helps to drudge up the past. I try to look forward, not backward.” The woman speaking was pleasant, engaging and a strong Christian. I had asked her about some very traumatic experiences she had had 20 years earlier while she was a young mom married to an abusive husband. She continued. … Continued

Finding My Father’s Love It was the summer of 1987. My personal life was clicking on all cylinders. Happily married. Two healthy kids with one on the way. A nice house. A successful business. I appeared to have my spiritual life in order. I read my Bible. Prayed. Did morning devotions. Had my family in … Continued

Avarice is commonly used to define greed or selfishness in terms of wealth. However, I want to open a dialogue of some lesser known ways where avarice might present itself. Recently I was caught in between a dream and waking up thinking about the story in Mark 10 where Christ is talking with a man … Continued

A couple weekends ago I went on my own self-led weekend sabbatical.  I wasn’t totally sure of my plan — or even my final goal of my getaway — but come Friday evening I took off.  With my cell phone off and an empty house in Indiana awaiting me, my journey began. My intent for … Continued