I remember feeling my heart sink when I saw him come through the door. My wife and I were at a Christmas gathering at our church. My brother spotted me and made his way to our table. He didn’t have to say anything. I knew what had happened by the look on his face. My … Continued

  Editor’s note: The following post is an excerpt from Dan’s book, When Father is a Bad Word   Father. For some, that is a word that conjures up feelings of warmth, security, and pride. For all too many others it is a word that triggers shame, pain, and anger. I have known first-hand the pain … Continued

Brett and I had the same work schedule. That means we also had the same workout schedule. Several times a week we ran into each other at the health club. We did the typical guy-talk thing. You know—news, weather, and sports. Nothing that would require too much vulnerability. We men don’t readily bare our souls … Continued

  Every one of us has fears. Some of us are just afraid to admit it. It could be a physical fear, like the fear of heights, snakes, or spiders. It could be a psychological fear, like the fear of failure, rejection, or intimacy. But, if we’re honest, we all encounter things in our lives … Continued

I grew up in a home compromised by alcohol. Personal security was continually threatened. Our family never knew from one day to the next just what level of risk to expect when Dad came through the door. There were those “high alert” days when Dad stayed too long at Alex’s Tap after work. On those … Continued

It was Father’s Day last week and I’m still thinking about it. I am encouraged that there seems to be a larger spotlight shining on how important father figures are in our world. While staffing an initial weekend with Carl Sutter, a key leader in The Crucible Project’s Colorado community, I heard him say: “Fathers … Continued

  100% of children have a father. There is truly no other way for a child to exist. Sperm has to connect with an egg, and sperm only comes from the father.  Some fathers have passed, but they are still the father. Some fathers have left, but they are still the father. Some fathers are … Continued

  As I was growing up, my dad and I would do things together as many fathers and sons do. Usually, if we were trying to accomplish something, I would not quite know how to do some aspect of the project. That is when dad would step in and say, “Here…let me help you with … Continued



The man knelt in the cemetery, his eyes fixed on his father’s gravestone. I sure miss you, Dad. There are so many times I want to call you just to hear your voice once again. The kids talk about you all the time. You wouldn’t believe how they’ve grown. It’s hard to imagine it’s been … Continued

Father. For some that is a word that conjures up feelings of warmth, security, and pride. For all too many others it is a word that triggers pain, anger, and shame. It is not an overstatement to say that the relationship a man has with his father has a profound effect on every relationship he … Continued