I was listening to a podcast the other day and heard something about how our brains work that blew me away. As a husband, father, son, brother and friend, hearing this made me realize all the more how thirsty the loved ones in my life really are for authentic blessing from me.   First, … Continued

Yes, I know the title of this blog entry is a play on words. But it actually does fit what I want to write about. When it comes to grace, it seems as if people fall into one of two camps: On one hand we have the grace camp. It is by grace we are … Continued

  Have you ever heard someone use a phrase that immediately made you think of a song? It happened to me the other day in church.   The pastor was reading from the book of Ecclesiastes. The instant he began with the words, for everything there is a season, I began singing along with the … Continued

  Editor’s note: This post is the second in a two-part series.  Check out Part 1:  Read Them Their Rites.   The American Sunday ritual seems to involve church, rest, family, and watching football. Rituals that involve the broader community include the Fourth or July and the Olympics. We also have personal rituals like brushing … Continued

In my decade of involvement with The Crucible Project, the single most important gain has been my new awareness of what I am feeling in any given moment. As a result, I feel more alive, more connected to my soul, and more connected to God and others. But for me, something was still missing. Awareness … Continued

Do you mistrust your heart? Do you dislike your heart? If so, then you may be suffering from a common but often undiagnosed disease: Heart-attacking. It is a malady I know well. I’ve even infected others through what I’ve told them about their heart. If the heart is the place of our deepest longings and … Continued