I grew up in a home compromised by alcohol. Personal security was continually threatened. Our family never knew from one day to the next just what level of risk to expect when Dad came through the door. There were those “high alert” days when Dad stayed too long at Alex’s Tap after work. On those … Continued

How do you define worship? Is it something you do on Sunday mornings at a church, or is it something different? Several years ago, I heard a unique definition of worship given in a sermon.  And ever since then my perspective on worship has changed. The definition is this: Worship is whatever happens after knowing … Continued

    After the storm, I went on a walk and found a lost little boy.   Historic Flood of 2016 On April 18th, I woke up to find that we (Houston, Texas) had received more than 16 inches of rain in the prior 12 hours. Over the course of the next few days, we … Continued

  Editor’s note: This blog entry is an excerpt from Dan Kuiper’s book, When Father is a Bad Word   The story is told about Frank Szymanski, a center for the Notre Dame football team, who in the 1940s was called as a witness in a civil suit in South Bend. “Are you on the Notre Dame … Continued

    Surrender is a scary word. For much of my life, I haven’t enjoyed saying or even writing it. Our culture says surrender is a sign of weakness. Bad. Giving up. Waive the white flag. Christians,  on the other hand, have a different view.  For us, surrender *should* mean letting go. Getting out of … Continued

Yes, I know the title of this blog entry is a play on words. But it actually does fit what I want to write about. When it comes to grace, it seems as if people fall into one of two camps: On one hand we have the grace camp. It is by grace we are … Continued

  In the first statement of the first chapter of the book Follow Me, Jan David Hettinga writes: “The ultimate issue in the universe is leadership. Who you follow and what directs your life, is the single most important thing about you.” In the book, he describes the tension between living in the Kingdom of … Continued

  We see what we focus on. In gymnastics, the body follows the head — a tumbler can’t do a back flip without looking back. On the farm, the tractor plows where the driver is looking. Over the last few years, each week my wife Debbie and I have done a five-part “spiritual check-in” to strengthen … Continued

  Editor’s Note: Today’s post from Dan Kuiper is an excerpt from his book, When Father Is a Bad Word.   Sadly, for many of us life is all about doing. We plot, we plan, we rush from one meeting or activity to the next as we try to cram as many things into each … Continued