You may have heard the saying that, “You’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Maybe before the internet age that was true, but it’s really not true anymore.  I think today what’s true is, “You are the sum of what you look at.”  The idea used to be if you hung around … Continued

If you’re like me, you could put together a list of people who over the years have disappointed you. On your list may be superficial interactions like a store clerk who was rude, a neighbor who wouldn’t return borrowed tools or a friend who drifted away over the years. It may also include those who … Continued

“God comes to you disguised as your life,” says Paula D’Arcy, an author, retreat leader, speaker, playwright, and former psychotherapist. When I first read this, I was puzzled. I wasn’t sure what she meant. And yet I was intrigued and kept pondering her thought. In Luke 7, that lonely widow from the tiny village of … Continued

 Years ago at about the same time, two Christian men told me they were involved in extra-marital affairs. The men did not know each other, but each came to me for counsel. There were similarities in how they were dealing with it, but I especially noted some key differences. First, here’s what they had in common: Both … Continued

  More than three weeks have passed since the 2016 elections ended, and Donald Trump became President-Elect of the United States. And it has been a vitriol-fueled ride. Supporters from both sides of the election have experienced hate. Riots, violence, hate speech and protests continue. In January, Trump will inherit a country rumbling with unprecedented … Continued

On a bright, sunny summer’s day, two youth league teams were playing a baseball game. In the top of the sixth inning, one of the visiting coaches noticed something odd. “Hey, wait a minute. The balls you’re pitching to us are all different from the ones used when you are up at bat! What’s going … Continued

Today, I am sick. I have a cold, a stupid cold. And it’s not respecting my schedule of things I need to get done. So today I want to talk briefly about men, illness, and their bodies.   And about how men respond to being sick by withdrawing themselves from God’s love and mercy. Have you ever … Continued

  Editor’s note: This blog entry is an excerpt from Dan Kuiper’s book, When Father is a Bad Word   The story is told about Frank Szymanski, a center for the Notre Dame football team, who in the 1940s was called as a witness in a civil suit in South Bend. “Are you on the Notre Dame … Continued

Leaders are flawed people who can do harm as well as good. We all have examples in our lives — maybe even from our own leadership — of leaders bringing both enormous benefit by what they do, as well as great embarrassment or even damage when they’ve lead poorly. All leaders must have power and trust. If those aren’t present, … Continued

Have you ever noticed that God isn’t a fan of straight lines in nature? Most objects in creation are irregular, curved, and winding. From plants to planets, rattlesnakes to rivers, grass to galaxies our world is “imperfect” geometrically speaking. There are patterns, to be sure, but things both alive and inanimate are wavy and often grow in … Continued