Frustrated. Stressed. Tired. Overwhelmed. Unfulfilled. Sadly, these are the words many men—even committed, God-loving Christian men— would use to best describe their lives. But a frenetic, discontented, anxiety-laden lifestyle is polar opposite of God’s desire for us. The prophet Isaiah offers this imagery of what the Christian life is supposed to look like: But those who trust in the … Continued

I wish I could stop beating myself up so much. I am often harsh with myself. Critiquing oneself is necessary to get better at a skill. But judgmental criticism is different. It can be debilitating. Critiquing focuses my internal Q&A on what caused my actions and what other options are available. Why did you do … Continued

About eight years ago, I began a journey to make changes and transform my life. My Christian walk had become dry and lifeless. I began searching and praying for change. I began taking part in life-changing events including my initial weekend with The Crucible Project. My transformation curve seemed to make an upward turn. However, … Continued