“I’ll try to be home by 6:00.” “I’ll try to have this project done by end of next week.” “I’m trying to stop smoking.” What do all these “try” statements have in common? Before I give you my take, let me tell you why I’m thinking about “I’ll try” right now. A man recently told me he was going to “try” … Continued

An often overlooked aspect of leadership are the two ideas of the advancing of leaders and succession.  Good organizations have leader training and succession plans.  In fact, some companies must have a succession plan in place in order to receive certain certifications and or accreditation.  I have noticed among my coaching clients that several have … Continued

This summer, I finally made time to hike the coastal Redwoods. For me, it was a bucket list item.  They were majestic and awe-inspiring, completely exceeding my expectations.  And while the lesson “stand with other Redwoods” was certainly reinforced, as I walked and listened, the Redwoods taught or reminded me of several other lessons. I … Continued

I’ve picked up a new hobby, recently. Baking bread. It’s creative, relaxing, and brings me joy. Part of the process is casting yeast into the dough. Just a minute amount of yeast kneaded through the dough allows it to rise and multiply. Jesus compared yeast to the Kingdom of God in Matthew 13.  Like yeast, … Continued

I both hear from others and notice in myself how that during every weekend staffing an area of darkness bubbles up that we/I were previously unaware.  Our container of authenticity, integrity, and grace shines light in those concealed and hidden places.  The darkness I speak of is not necessarily an “evil presence” or some deep … Continued

Finding My Father’s Love It was the summer of 1987. My personal life was clicking on all cylinders. Happily married. Two healthy kids with one on the way. A nice house. A successful business. I appeared to have my spiritual life in order. I read my Bible. Prayed. Did morning devotions. Had my family in … Continued

Last year at this time I had written about reflecting on your year in order to step into the New Year.  That article can be found here.  In order to step forward into setting expectations for the new year, it is important to pause and reflect beforehand.  Be sure and take a day or so … Continued

Most of us were taught from a young age that it’s good to be responsible. At its core, being responsible means that you are accountable for your actions. In other words, you’re in control of how you act and behave.   Outside My Control Now obviously, there are sometimes external events that happen which are … Continued

One of the practices that Devra (my wife of 29 years) and I do almost every day to connect at the heart level is to “check in” with each other. Checking in with each other is a way to talk about all the things that are going on “out there” so that we can create … Continued

Marriage can bring many changes to which you and your partner will have to adjust, especially in the first year. Some of these changes are eagerly anticipated; others are surprises that may cause unhappiness or even fear. In at least one aspect, marriage is like football. In a close game, the winning team is usually … Continued