Announcing: The Crucible Project for Women Weekend

After fifteen years of men’s only work, The Crucible Project is following through with one of its strategic initiatives to begin developing soul work for women. This will be offered in the form of a Crucible Weekend for Women.

For years, women have seen the dramatic changes in their husbands or other men in their lives following their Crucible experience. They asked for a place where they could have a similar experience and do their soul work but Crucible was not in a position to commit to women’s work. To fill that void, other organizations began.

Also, due to the nature of the Crucible Weekends being experiential we have encouraged men not to discuss the processes they experienced. This has caused a level of tension that we would like to end. By offering very similar exercises, content and language we will be building bridges between men and women. This in turn will create greater value for couples.

What makes The Crucible Project Women’s Weekend different from other women’s weekends?

The content covered on this weekend will be unique from other women’s weekends. On The Crucible Project Women’s Weekend, the content, while very similar to the men’s weekend will be contextualized for women. It will offer a “quest experience” for the participants. It will not be the same as the Women Revealed or Soul Beauty Weekends. While this women’s weekend will be experiential and challenging, it will differ in tone from the men’s weekend.

Will this weekend compete with other women’s weekends?

We believe we will offer a unique weekend experience. We don’t seek to “compete,” but to “complement” other work offered by other organizations. So far, we have worked with two women’s groups: Women Revealed and Soul Beauty. Each offer valued services and a unique experience to the women they serve. We would encourage any woman to continue their soul work with the offerings of these organizations.

Who will lead this endeavor?

Women. We will have women create and develop a Crucible Women’s weekend right from the start! Christy Burns, an experienced leader in women’s soul work, has been asked to take the lead to form a women’s leadership team to help design and launch the weekend. She will call around her seasoned women, who will make a core group to execute the first weekend. The staff of Crucible will be involved with supporting this endeavor every step along the way.

When will this begin?

We are looking to pilot a spring of 2019 weekend in the Chicagoland area. Following a thorough debrief and any necessary changes of the pilot, the first official Crucible Weekend for Women will be offered in the summer of 2019.

Will The Crucible Project offer groups to women following their Crucible Weekend?

We will be directing women to groups led by Women Revealed. There may be times when there are logical local groups currently in place that a woman is already participating in or would join in her community.

Will this distract The Crucible Project or take away from their focus on men?

The men currently leading in our men’s work will continue to do so. Because we will have this new endeavor led by women, it will not be a distraction. We are excited about the recent systems developed that will be able to be utilized for a Crucible Weekend for Women without reinventing the wheel. In addition we will take what we are already doing for men with leadership development and carpet training (which does not require Shadow Work certification) and offer this to women.

How will this affect Crucible’s goal to establish 50 communities by 2021?

By offering both men and women the opportunity to “face the fire” we believe the individual communities and the greater Crucible Community will be established more readily. There is a natural dynamic that occurs when a man or woman does their soul work – it’s infectious. Others want to step into that kind of work. By offering both we can encourage the entire community to enter a crucible and “find their gold.” As both men and women do this work together and are involved with their local church, we believe that true transformation can take place.

When will this begin?

We are in the planning and development stages right now and will be piloting a program in the spring of 2019. Our goal is to open up registration for a Crucible Women’s Weekend by the summer of 2019. If you provide your name and contact information, we will notify you any updates and when registration opens for the first official Crucible Women’s Weekend. For any further questions, please contact via email.


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