Executive Director Position

Overview: The Executive Director represents The Crucible Project to outside individuals and entities and leads the organization to accomplish its purpose, vision, and strategic goals. They will be responsible for strategic planning and execution, fundraising, and management of all operations to ensure efficient and effective execution of the vision. This is a full time position that can operate out of any current Crucible community, preferably the Chicagoland area. Executive Leadership

  • Advances the vision and strategy of the Crucible Project inspiring others to fulfill the work and vision of the organization.
  • Works with the Board and the Board Chairman to assure the work of the organization progresses forward according to policies and with proper oversight.
  • Plans board meetings and works with the Board Chairman and committee operations.
  • Generates excitement, enthusiasm, and optimism for the organization’s work in men’s lives, while utilizing the tools of The Crucible Project.
  • Expands the network of The Crucible Project, serving as the “face” and the spokesperson of the organization articulating the vision, mission, and values to key people both inside and outside the organization including churches, leaders, and organizations.
  • Functions as the spokesperson for The Crucible Project, with both inside and outside audiences; balancing all stakeholder and communications.


  • Leads, supports and engages in national fund development initiatives, cultivates relationships and interfaces with key donors to increase local and national support.

Operations Oversight

  • Oversees administration in compliance with by-laws and policies, develops and manages annual budgets; assures proper filing of documents and meetings complying with applicable laws; directs technology, finance, human resource and administrative processes.
  • Foresees forthcoming trends and cultural changes creating new strategies which align with the vision of the organization.
  • Tackles problematic issues and assignments while providing solutions and actionable feedback.
  • Manages the ongoing operations and adjusts processes appropriately to the expanding growth of the organization as it reaches into new regions.
  • Supervises TCP staff providing direction and mentoring while establishing staff management systems and processes.


  • Maintains regular communications with local leaders working with local leadership teams; tracks issues and provides oversight of local coordinators and steering committees in developing and established regions to support the growth of the work.
  • Maintains awareness of the activities and priorities of The Crucible Project and the organization’s associated regions insuring and maintain strong communications between all of them.
  • Oversees communications and marketing assuring appropriate tools and systems for fundraising, communication, and marketing.


  • Has strong experience in leadership, developing strategies and articulating vision for an organization.
  • Has led organizations (management, marketing and operations) in a non-profit setting or other applicable settings.
  • Embraces the vision, mission and values of The Crucible project with demonstrable evidence of actively engaging in this type of work in his own personal life.
  • Must be comfortable in a Male-issue focused environment
  • Confronts difficult issues in his own life and supports others who do the same.
  • Proactively pursues feedback and is open to evaluation without being defensive.
  • Effective communicator who conveys a clear understanding of vision, strategy and purpose of an organization.
  • Has experience in management in a non-profit setting: 2 years (Required)
  • Has a Bachelor’s degree (Preferred)

Send resume and cover letter to: [email protected]